Riding The Wind Forgetting Time

by Genevieve Chadwick

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released January 4, 2010


all rights reserved



Genevieve Chadwick Australia

Imagine if Janis Joplin and John Lee Hooker had a baby together; musically, this girl would be the offspring of that union.
Without doubt, Genevieve Chadwick is an extraordinary performer who exudes raw energy by the bucket load with songs that speak of the complexity of human experience and her passion for life.
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Track Name: Forget Time
This feels amazing
The wind in my face
Not knowing where I’m going
Find a better place

This is a journey
Roaming free
Not many dollars in my pocket but I got trust and belief
In not knowing where I’ll be found
This could be crazy but then I turn around
This feels amazing
Swimming in my thoughts, picking one to run with, not falling short

Your eyes meet mine, we’re riding the wind, forgetting time
Roll the dice of life and we’ll ride the wind and forget time

This is the beginning, everyday is
So put on the costume, we play to win
There is a balance, so weigh it up
Sometimes you lose but you only need enough
There is one reason, that is to live
Love what you have, its survival of the fittest
Track Name: Adrian
He hears the city’s call and he climbs the mountain
His voice an echo in the wind
The honeysuckle is sweet he says through the trees
I see him cross where the river flowed

He gives his old beat, he walks bare feet
He smiles and calls me an angel

And again he says when I ask his name
I’m from here and there, it’s all the same
Life is too short to complain and the road is long up ahead

He’s been skimming stones
There perfect where I like to go, at my friends house, Darnas’s
Down twelve mile road his voice still echo’s in the wind and with the breeze
Track Name: Wanted
Hey, how do you feel?
Is this alright?
Sex appeal
Wait, you’ve broken my heart
Is this alright?
Fresh start

I’m alone again, here with my shadow
I can’t find myself, hope to see her tomorrow
You’re wanted

Days, weeks go by
Months later
No reply
Change. How do you feel?
Is this alright?
Raw deal

You didn’t think I wanted it, yeah I want it, wanted
Take a piece of my soul
I guarantee I want, I want, wanted, wanted
I lose control
Track Name: You Don't Know
Don’t give me time to miss you
Don’t give me time to walk away
Don’t give me false ‘cause this is dangerous
This game is fold or play

In the dark I always kiss you
In the light your hand slips away
At the bottom of the bottle you kiss me on the double
And you say what you want to say

Don’t give me walls to break through
Don’t give me lines to trip
Don’t block it out or be scared with doubt
That someone will let it slip

In the midst of conversation
In between a smile and glance
You consume me all, you’re incredible
Don’t leave this all to chance

You don’t know what you do

I don’t want to get angry
I don’t want to shout
You consume me all
But you give me all this doubt

In the daylight I’m a secret
I’m the one you have to keep
But it won’t be long till it becomes
The word on the street
Track Name: One Time Thing
Oh you give me something to live for
Oh you give me reason to breathe
I give you everything and you leave

This is just the pick of the season
This is just a summer fling
Sooner or later you won’t want nothing

All you want is a one time thing
I guess we don’t want the same thing
Behind those eyes says bye bye bye

I tell myself to stop dreaming
I take myself right from that spot
The problem is hoping for to much

Don’t you think we have a connection?
Now it’s time for you to talk
Hit the road, you wont be back no more

Now I get the feeling that I’m just something for you to do
Seems like you got something you need to prove.
Hit the road, you won’t be back no more.
I take the high.
Track Name: Fade Into It
I took a chance since I was able,
laid my cards flat on the table,
all cause of you
I put aside good thought and
reason, cheat, lie, steal, treason,
all cause of you
But I know the truth

Little girl so far gone, always
there, always following
Pick apart the good from bad,
this mess is in your head,
all cause of you
But I know the truth

I’ll fade into it
I’m not coming back
Will they even notice me leave?
I’m leaving with the breeze

It’s the thought that is the burden,
hit the road no more yearning,
follow it through
I alone make the decision,
it’s time for me, no more giving,
at least I’ll try not to
But I know the truth
Track Name: Memory Lane
You still have the ways of a girl
Yet you feel the weight of the world
You’re old enough to tell that you’re
too young to dwell

You found the keys to your heart
Found the way to light the dark
You’d do anything for love
You could never do enough

Hey there lover I’ll be right over
Like a moth to a flame
Six years older, three months sober
I’ll meet you down memory lane

You took the last road home
Faced the fear of being alone
In some ways you’ve grown
But you’d still succumb to love
Track Name: Smell The Rain
It’s hard to take a moment for yourself when you’re caught up in the game
You get the feeling you’re only dealing with the same old same
You buy your ticket, wish for something different and board the train
Save your money but keep the motor running, drag the ball and chain

You can tell there’s something else you wish you could feel
There’s a secret you wish you were keeping, wheels within wheels
You hold tight with all your might, hold on to what seems real
You can’t let go of what you no and let it be revealed

I got something you want baby it’s not for sale
So write it in a letter and post it in the mail
I ride on the sunshine try and catch me if you can
I feel like I’m a God, tell me can you smell the rain?

I’ve walked a mile in your shoes
You get up, you fall down, you win, you loose
You take a picture perfect life from a shelf
Your picture perfect box of wealth

I got what you want
I got what you need
You can’t pin me down cause I’m too free

You find each day to be the same
You follow like sheep so who’s to blame?
Each dollar you make ain’t yours anyway
You except it as a fact and you pay
Track Name: Tell Me Lies
You held me tight so I wouldn’t blow away in the wind
The path was marked with a faded sketch in the sand
You picked me up, you put me down and you’ve got nothing to say now
You’ve been away having a child

Promises are useless if you don’t mean it
You left town to hide your little secret
You’re a knocked up runaway, tell me, what would God say?
Are you forgiven?

Tell me lies then
What are you fighting in your head?
Do you like it?
Realising you regret
Tell me lies then
Tell me again

Your lips are sealed and you won’t reveal the daddy
Time will tell in the looks of your baby
You’re waiting for the curtain call so you don’t have to lie anymore

You sacrifice and disconnect
Cutting ties with your friends
Tell me now do you regret?
You never meant what you said
So tell me lies then
Track Name: Ease Up
Walking thru this place I lost my rhythm
I was following the devil into her cave
Walking thru the city now I see the demons
The lonely passengers who couldn’t escape
If you’re having trouble trying to decipher the meaning
It’s probably better that you cannot relate
Ignorance is bliss when you know no better
But you say that after knowing anyway

Ease up
Get the monkey off you back
You no that your better than that

Stumbling on my own feet I lost direction
I took a bet which ended with pain
Back to the start I now no better
Following your heart will make you feel sane
Back to story now, there were devils and witches
Pretty painted pictures and the hard sell
What you want and what you get are very different
How you get back up depends on how hard you fell

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